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AgScape Feeding Innovation - 07 - Nigel Carlisle - Award Winning Ontario Teacher

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This episode of the Feeding Innovation podcast we're speaking to Nigel Carlisle -an Ontario Secondary school teacher living in Cornwall, Ontario. A few weeks after recording this conversation, Nigel was the recipient of the Award for Teaching Excellence in Agriculture and Food Education. Nigel discusses the creative and unique ways he incorporates teaching agriculture and food into his classes including a green industry and technology. His goal as an educator is to make an impact on how lessons are taught, encouraging hands-on experience over tests and textbooks. This past school year, Nigel brought robotics into his lessons. Automation and robotics is a booming innovation that the food and agriculture sector is exploring. To demonstrate that to his students and create awareness, Nigel took a unique approach in combining classroom robotics with modern farming, creating lessons that built a buzz in his students that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. If you're an educator looking to bring similar activities and lessons to your classrooms, Nigel shares advice and steps to follow. For Nigel, this kind of learning is undoubtedly the future, as kids are already learning computer code on their own time, and it is increasingly incorporated into curriculums.

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