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This is a student workbook that walks high school students through the decision-making process of choosing a career, starting from finding out what might interest them all the way to funding their education. Students can use this resource by themselves, or with a teacher, career counsellor or parent, to learn about the wide variety of agricultural careers and how they are applicable to them. Students first learn more about themselves by exploring their individual interest areas through a self-assessment tool. They then explore the possible careers within their interest areas and then narrow down their options to their top three career choices. The next step is discovering their pathway into the workforce whether that be by direct entry or post-secondary education. The final step walks students through their various options to fund their education or training. This print resource is available to order as a magazine (one per student) or as a PDF download (colour and low contrast version for photocopying available).

Created By: Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba

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