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Follow the Food Kit - Exploring Food Loss & Food Waste

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Food is wasted and lost every day, around the world, but do we understand the impact of that on food security, the economy, and the environment? Follow the Food – Exploring Food Loss and Food Waste is a hands-on, inquiry-based resource to help students gain a better appreciation as to the value of food, the resources that go into making it, how the agriculture and food industry in Manitoba reduces food loss and waste and the role schools and students can play in reducing food waste. This resource was provided to teachers as part of CALM 2023. With your order, you will receive a: 1.Book: grade-appropriate and focused on building agricultural literacy (FR/EN) 2. Activities: -Food Loss & Waste. Follow food from farm to plate and beyond with your students, learning about the impact of food waste and loss on food security and the environment. Discover what farmers and those in the agriculture industry do to reduce food loss and waste along this journey and explore food waste reduction at home and school. -Balloons go Bananas. Conduct an experiment with food waste to mimic landfill conditions, learning how food waste produces greenhouse gases when it decomposes. Students will discover alternative methods to dispose of food in environmentally-friendly ways. 3. Teacher Guide: instructions and curricular connections to help you use the activities in your lessons. This resource is being restocked. Check out our other resource kits!

Created By: Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba

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