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Alberta Safe Tractor Operation and Hitching Guide (Instructor Manual)

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This manual has been developed to assist Instructors to teach young operators, aged 14 years and up, the\ knowledge and skills necessary to operate agricultural tractors and implements properly and safely in Alberta. It has been developed to utilize the Alberta Safe Tractor Operation and Hitching Guide, Student Manual, as a primary resource. The Instructor knowledge, as well as tractor and implement operator manuals are the other primary resources. Operator manuals are very important, as they provide very specific information on the tractors and implements. Supplemental information could include other written documents, demonstrations, safety videos, and guest speakers. The experience and skills obtained from this course do not provide a specific certification. After completion of the course, the young operator is expected to be supervised by a competent person. This training manual includes checklists to document the knowledge and skills of the youth. The documentation will be an important resource to assist the supervisor to provide informed decisions regarding the assignment of appropriate tractors and implements, the appropriate tasks, and the level of on-going supervision.

Created By: Ag For Life

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